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Originally a Eiffel subset that outputs C code and was ported to most OS's in the 1990's including DOS, OS/2 and even some vintage home computer systems, it has since grown to become more or less a complete implementation with an extensive library and was renamed SmartEiffel after the turn of the century, and is sometimes referred to as "GNU Eiffel" as there were talks of making it a GNU project at one time.

Development has slowed down considerably in the last few years and is by now mostly stopped, however as it stands at version 2.3 it is stable and mostly feature complete.


  • Last OS/2 version: SmallEiffel -0.80
  • Last official version: SmartEiffel 2.3, this should compile easily enough on OS/2 but the library needs to be ported which may be more of an issue.
  • C compiler. the -0.80 version supports the IBM C compilers.