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Commonly known as just shwild, this is a multi-platform C library that helps you implement command line wildcards. Shwild comes with C++ bindings included in the package. There is also a sub project called shwild.fnmatch which is a platform independent recreation of the UNIX "fnmatch" package, but that is a filename pattern matching function/library.


  • Current version of shwild is 0.9.20 (2011-12-22) and shwild.fnmatch version is 0.8.2 (2007-02-08)
There is no OS/2 specific version of this, you usually just add OS/2 as a Unix type target and compile with GCC, but we have also used Open Watcom


  • The use of the C++ bindings requires the use of portions of the STLSoft class library. shwild.fnmatch requires both STLSoft and the cstring library.