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A set of tools introduced in 1997 by Massachusetts, USA based company Nombas Inc that delivered a text based ECMAScript engine packaged in a variety of configurations, the ScriptEase product was based on an earlier Nombas product called "Cmm" that was a C/C++ like scripting language and offered at the least partial compatibility, and in fact the server edition of Cmm was known as. The best known variant of the system was the ScriptEase: Desktop, a tool to write Javascript text mode user applications with the unique selling point the it could interface with C libraries, it also had the feature of being able to compile scripts into standalone executables. ScriptEase: Integration SDK allowed Java, C and C++ developers to embed the ScriptEase engine into their products and ScriptEase: WebServer Edition allowed for server side scripting, this last edition apparently sold abysmally.

The company later offered what they called IDE for some system but their understanding of the term differed somewhat from the normal, with the IDE not standing for "integrated development environment" but "Integrated Debugging Environment", although it offered a basic editor it was primarily a remote debugging tool.


Note that version numbers hark back to the days when it was Cmm, the initial ScriptEase version is believed to have been v3.0

ScriptEase Desktop
  • Latest OS/2 version: 4.10c


  • Nombas
  • Brent Noorda (son of Ray Noorda, Novell CEO)


  • Commercial - Discontinued