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Multi-platform class library that acts as a extension to the Standard Template Library, note that the projects homepage is all dead links and it better to investigate the product from their SourceForge page. Not commonly used on OS/2 or eComStation but on an occasion other libraries have a dependency on one of the libraries in the package and typically that portion gets ported rather than the whole package. A number of functions in the library are Microsoft Windows specific.


  • Last known version: 1.9.118 - 2014-05-31
Current status for OS/2 is actually unknown, portions of the library have been compiled using Open Watcom when dependencies in other libraries and applications have demanded it and that has gone mostly without a hitch but it does not seem anyone has tried a full port, if using the GCC toolchain you should not expect many problems. It is known that this version has some problems with recent Visual C++ compilers on MS Windows.


License and status


  • Matthew Wilson (Original author)