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Database reporting language, although originally shipped as a separate product with databases such as Oracle and DB2 it is by now always shipped as an integral part of database systems.


  • IBM SQL Version 1
  • ANSI X3.135.1992
  • ISO 9075-1992
  • FIPS 127-2

OS/2 SQL implementations, tools and utilities

Open source

SQL Development systems
Front ends and front end generators
Database access systems
  • MDI Database Gateway
  • unixODBC
Libraries and bindings
Text editors with SQL support
  • FTE - Has support for syntax highlighting, code folding and syntax-aware auto-indent.
  • Lugaru Epsilon - SQL syntax highlighting and auto-indent available as a separate download.

DOS SQL implementations and tools

  • Empress - SQL front end to an alien database system - Commercial - Discontinued
  • Gupta SQLBase - Commercial - Discontinued