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The SOM compiler (SC.EXE) is a precompiler for generating SOM source code, mainly used for WPS extensions.

The SOM compiler was distributed by IBM as part of the SOMobjects Developer Toolkit for OS/2 and the OpenDoc Toolkit. Later this toolkits integrated into IBM Developer's Toolkit for OS/2 Warp Version 4.

SOM Compiler is a tool to produce various file formats from Interface Definition Language files. SOM Compiler reads IDL file and produces abstract graph tree. Using abstract tree SOM Compiler generates object graph tree using classes like SOMTEntryC. After object graph is ready, SOM Compiler uses classes like SOMTEmitC to produce output file.

SOM Compiler uses DLL-name based loading of classes libraries (other programs can user another approach, like WPS does. WPS uses Interface Repository to find corresponding class). Most of SOM Compiler classes libraries it is implementation of corresponding emitter. Emitters can be created with help of Emitter Framework.


  • 1997-02-28: included in IBM Developer's Toolkit for OS/2 Warp Version 4
  • 1999-06-30: Latest Version for OS/2


IBM Copyright. Discontinued


  • Andy Martin (IBM)


Product Documentation

  • System Object Model Programming Guide
  • System Object Model Programming Reference


  • ZP93-0415 (1993-06-15) - IBM SOMobjects Developer Toolkit, Workstation Runtimes, Workgroup Runtimes Version 2.0 for OS/2