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Common Transport Sockets - CTS

SOCKETS.SYS provides the common sockets layer for the protocol stacks. Calls made to the socket APIs first pass through SOCKETS.SYS, which routes the call to the correct protocol stack. The socket address families supported are AF_OS2 (or equivalently AF_UNIX), AF_INET, and AF_NETBIOS (or equivalently, AF_NB).


Date Version Size Comments
1998-01-26 4.02r 59,957 B
2005-09-20 120,320 B

DLLs Loaded


Network driver.



  • /c:value - Number of the COM port to which debug information should be sent. Value may be any valid COM port number. Default = 2
  • /v - Display the banner at boot time.
  • /uis:0 - Turn off unique ID for select(). If this parameter is not set it defaults to ON.
  • /mem:value - Number of 4kbyte clusters allocated at initialization time. Value can be in the range from 30 to 32766. Default = 75
  • /gdt:value - The maximum number of 64kbyte blocks the stack can allocate. Default = 80
According to IBM, the undocumented parameter /UIS:0 is for use on the 3172 Offload System to improve performance. This parameter is only intended for use on the 3172 Offload System, and turns off the process id : thread id processing on select() calls in the stack.
Product Support
OS/2 1.3
OS/2 2.0
OS/2 2.1
OS/2 2.11 SMP
OS/2 Warp 3
OS/2 Warp Connect S
OS/2 Warp 4 S
OS/2 Warp Server for e-Business S