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A DOS automatic document generator for xBase code written by Walter J. Kennamer and originally released in 1986 into the public domain. A few updates were issued in the following years but in 1990 a much updated shareware version was released without source code. The program explicitly supports dBase II, dBase III, Clipper, FoxBase and FoxBase+, but it is generic enough to be useful in some way for just about any xBase tool, vintage or modern.

The software was bought by Fox Software, taken off the market and integrated into FoxPro version 2 as the FOXDOC subsystem.

All versions of SNAP! run under OS/2 with the caveat that some versions need the Turbo Pascal patch to run on modern hardware. It can be used to generate documentation for modern Clipper like compilers such as Harbour, and is a genuinely useful tool, however like all other automatic document makers for xBase it never handled macros correctly so some of the structure of your program may be missing from the generated text file especially if you used macro substitutions, not a problem if you are aware of this limitation.