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SFX Installer is an installation tool that allows developers to distribute their software packages as one single file, either self-extracting or as a compressed ZIP file, with or without the installer integrated. The installer is able to do the standard actions: create an installation directory, handle CONFIG.SYS entries, generate program objects etc. The tool was originally called PillarSoft Installer before it gained any self extraction features and some of the documentation still refers to that name.


  • Last known version: SFX Installer (2001-04-18)
Known issues
  • Runs on classic REXX and has known incompatibilities with Object REXX, this goes for both the program itself and the installation stubs.

Licence and availability

Discontinued closed source shareware that came with an USD35 registration fee, was also available as a part of the Pillarsoft Suite. The company offered a free licence to developers of freeware software but as they are no longer contactable it is doubtful that anyone will be able to claim that.