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An interpreted programming language that is delivered in the form of a multi-platform C library, although it is also ships with an standalone interpreter in a shell called "slsh" but that is only provided in source form. Originally developed as the scripting/macro language for the JED text editor and is intended to be similarly embedded into your own C programs but has gained some strong array-based operations since it was originally released. While the structure of the language is somewhat dissimilar to C it has a very similar syntax and supports most C datatypes making interaction between the interpreter and C and/or C++ code a doodle.

Foreign libraries with S-Lang bindings

  • LibcURL - Internet URL (WWW, FTP, etc) access - Open Source - Current

OS/2 text editors with S-Lang support

  • JED - Offers an S-Lang mode - Open source - Current

S-Lang related programmer's utilities

  • Exuberant ctags - Creates index files out of S-Lang source files - Open source - Current.


  • Current version: S-Lang v2.3.0 (2014-09-18)



  • John E. Davis