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Rick Papo used to develop OS/2 software like MemSize (System Resources),Clock and PLUMA/ESCRIBA.

These days he works for the British company Micro Focus. He works on the maintenance of and improvements to the BoundsChecker application. This product was originally created by NuMega Technologies, but was acquired by Compuware in 1997, and later sold to Micro Focus in 2009.

Contact Information

  • e-mail: rpapo -at- comcast.net

Republishing Permission

Rick Papo gave permission to release his "Programming for the OS/2 PM in C" course under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0. Martin Iturbide requested received the permission on 2012-Jul-08.


Software Developed

  • MemSize - Open Source
  • Clock - Open Source
  • WinBack - Open Source
  • Recode - Open Source
  • Hlp2Inf - Open Source
  • Small Font
  • MAHJONGG - Open Source