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RexxBase is a freeware DLL with a REXX interface allows you to access dBase III and IV files, it supports for DBF, DBT, NDX and MDX files and comes with an executable program that provides simple front-end to database development.

RexxBase generates dBase field names and values that are available directly to a Rexx program. The Rexx program can change this data and update dBase files directly. Also database file control information is available to Rexx procedures. This information includes such data as last date the database was updated, number of records on file, field names, etc.


  • Rexxbase_Init - initialize RexxBase routines to the REXX Environment.
  • Rexxbase_ShutDown - release RexxBase routines from the REXX Environment.
  • Rexxbase_OpenDBF - open a database and associated index file.
  • Rexxbase_ReadDBF - read a database record
  • Rexxbase_ReadPrevDBF - read previous database record.
  • Rexxbase_WriteDBF - write a new database record.
  • Rexxbase_ReadAndLockDBF - read a record and set a record lock.
  • Rexxbase_ReadAndLockPrevDBF - read previous record and set a record lock.
  • Rexxbase_UnlockDBF - used to release record not updated.
  • Rexxbase_SetLockTimeout - sets time out limit for locked records.
  • Rexxbase_UpdateDBF - updates a record
  • Rexxbase_CloseDBF - closes a database.
  • Rexxbase_CloseAllDBF - closes all open databases.
  • Rexxbase_CreateDBF - creates a database.
  • Rexxbase_CreateFromDBF - creates a database based on the structure of an existing file.
  • Rexxbase_ModifyDBF - modify the structure of a database.
  • Rexxbase_SortDBF - sorts a database on several fields.
  • Rexxbase_ExportDBF - export a database to an ASCII delimited file.
  • Rexxbase_ImportDBF - imports a database from an ASCII delimited file.
  • Rexxbase_GoToRecord - read a record based on its position in the database.
  • Rexxbase_FindRecord - read a record based on an index.
  • Rexxbase_PackDBF - remove deleted records and reorganize a database.
  • Rexxbase_DeleteRecord - mark a record as deleted.
  • Rexxbase_UndeleteRecord - unmark a record as deleted.
  • Rexxbase_CreateIndex - created an index file.
  • Rexxbase_ReindexDBF - reindex a corrupted index file.

included in the registered version package:

  • Rexxbase_FormatDate - format a date based on NLS (National Language Standards)
  • Rexxbase_InternalDate - change a NLS formatted date to a dBase date.
  • Rexxbase_DaysDifference - calculate the differences between two dates.
  • Rexxbase_DateCalc - calculate a date based on a date and an integer.
  • Rexxbase_FilterDBF - filter function for read routines.
  • Rexxbase_ScanForRecord - search through the database until the search logic is true.
  • Rexxbase_ChangePrimaryIndex - make a secondary index the primary index.
  • Rexxbase_Soundex - return a 4 byte SOUNDEX string based from input.
  • Rexxbase_SummarizeDBF - Sorts and summarizes a database based on the sort fields.
  • Rexxbase_JoinDBF - create (physical or virtual) database file from two database files.


  • 1.01 (Sep 1993)
  • 1.10
  • 1.22 (Mar 1994)
  • 1.30 (Jun 1994)
  • 1.34 (Sep 1994)
  • 1.36
  • 2.00 (May 1995)
  • 2.23


  • RexxBase on the American Coders website

Licence and availability

Discontinued shareware, now available as unsupported freeware.