Recommended Reading for for OS/2 National Language Support

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This are some recommended reading for creating OS/2 application with national language support:

Title Document No. Links
Designing International Software GX09-1220-00
Bidirectional Language Programming Guide
OS/2 2.0 Bidirectional National Language Support Reference S10G-4433-00 Archive, PDF
Introduction to OS/2 2.1 National Language Support GG24-4213-00
OS/2 2.1 Bidirectional Support S71G-4114-00
OS/2 2.1 Keyboard and Code Pages S71G-4113-00

There are also some books called the "IBM National Language Design Guides (NLDGs) for NLS enabling":

Title Document No. Links
National Language Design Guide, Volume 1 (available on The Developer Connection for VisualInfo) SE09-8001-02
NLDG Volume 1: Designing Enabled Products: Rules and Guidelines SE09-8001
NLDG Volume 2: National Language Support Reference Manual SE09-8002
NLDG Volume 3: Arabic Script Languages SE09-8003
NLDG Volume 4: Hebrew SE09-8004