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The late Dr. Randell S. Flint was the president of Sundial Systems Corporation. As the chief architect of the PIM application Relish, he was deeply involved with OS/2 ever since the release of version 1.0 and advocated taking advantage of all it has to offer. Prior to founding Sundial Systems in 1988, he was involved in consulting for NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, acted as system architect for a database server start-up firm, and, at one time was an assistant professor of computer science.

Dr. Randell also co-founded the Southern California OS/2 User Group in 1993 alongside Carla Hanzlik and Rollin White in 1993 and frequently gave talks there.

Sadly Dr. Randal S. Flint passed away on October 5, 2007


  • A Diary of a Programmer's Vacation in Florida (January 1995)
  • An Activity Model of the Working Conference Problem. - 1986 - Information Systems Design Methodologies: Improving the Practice 1986: pages 247-269
  • Randell S. Flint and Nancy G. Leveson: The PAMS Approach to Modeling Database Activity 1985 - TFAIS 1985: pages 222-236


  • Thinking Relationally - Warpstock 2000
  • Sundial's Rover Pack - Warpstock 1999
  • Apps to Objects: A Bumpy Road into the Future - Warpstock 1997
IRC logs
  • Archive of the IRC chat (1999-05-04) after the OS/2 Voice presentation of Rover Pack.
  • Archive of the IRC chat (1999-02-01, 1999-12-06) after the OS/2 Voice presentation of Relish