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This variable defines the user interface program (the WPS).



Can be any shell with a full path.Relative paths are not allowed.


This variable change the user interface program to load at boot, and replace it with Atshell program.


where x:\path is wherever ATSHELL.EXE is placed.


This causes the desktop shell to be launched immediately when ATSHELL first starts up, without displaying the ATSHELL dialog. (The ATSHELL dialog will appear, however, when/if you close the desktop shell program.)
This enables a simple 'secure' mode. When ATSHELL is started with this parameter, the command prompt and configuration options are disabled and inaccessible. USE THIS OPTION WITH CAUTION -- if you don't have an alternative method of booting (such as boot diskettes or a maintenance partition), you won't have any way of changing the configuration (or even removing ATSHELL from CONFIG.SYS), unless the desktop (or startup) program itself gives you access to a command prompt. Alternatively, you can use this in conjunction with the multi-user local logon feature of Security/2, by setting 'atshell /s' as the local shell for non-privileged users, and keeping the WPS (or something else) for the system administrator.