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RexxUtil (REXXUTIL.DLL) is a IBM library of REXX functions for interacting with the operating system. It is available, with minor differences, on most platforms where the IBM REXX interpreter is available, including OS/2, Windows, and Linux. This document describes the OS/2 version, and applies to OS/2 Warp 3 and all subsequent releases.

RexxUtil includes routines for:

  • Manipulating files and directories at the filesystem level.
  • Manipulating classes and objects in the Workplace Shell.
  • Performing screen input and output in OS/2 command prompts.
  • Managing character-based input and output according to locale-specific rules.
  • Accessing selected operating system functions for process management.
  • Manipulating REXX stem variables.



  • IBM Version: Copyrighted included with OS/2.
  • Clone Version: Common Public License.


  • IBM
  • Open Source (CPL) clone: REXX Utilities - by Mike Greene and parts by Patrick TJ McPhee


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