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A multi platform REXX pseudo compiler, it packs REXX code or tokenised REXX code into an executable file for a target operating system. Note that the resulting executable will still need the support of a REXX interpreter on the target system and you will not see any speeds up by using it, but it is suitable for obscuring your code in cases where you do not want the end user of your REXX script to have access to the source code.

In addition to OS/2 the REXX/Wrapper compiler supports QNX, DOS, Microsoft Windows and most UNIX like systems.


  • Last known version: REXX/Wrapper v2.4 (2006-09-22)
  • A supported C compiler
There is a list of supported compilers on the REXX/Wrapper document page, but actually all OS/2 compilers we have tried with the system have worked.
  • A working REXX interpreter for the target system
If the target system anything but OS/2 that is.



  • Open source software released under the GPL v2.