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A set of bindings that allow you to use the Tk widget toolkit from Tcl/Tk with the REXX programming/scripting language, effectively giving you a rudimentary multi-platform GUI toolkit. Originally developed for Windows 95 and later ported to UNIX-like operating systems and OS/2, is easily portable to other systems that have a REXX interpreter and a Tcl/Tk port.

Received quite a lot of development from version 1 to 1.2 from the original developer Roger O'Connor but after he passed away development slowed down and work on it was abandoned in favour of REXX/DW that has more robust GUI capabilities. However the REXX/Tk bindings are perfectly usable as is.


  • Last OS/2 version: 2.0 Beta - 2002-01-05
  • Last Windows and UNIX version: 2.0 RC1



  • Open source software distributed under the LGPL v2.1 (1.x versions) or GPL v2 (2.x versions).


  • Roger O'Connor (Original developer)
  • Mark Hessling (Current maintainer)