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A multi-platform REXX extension that allows you to write scripts that talk to multiple variations of SQL databases without having to change your scripts. As it stands REXX/SQL directly supports Oracle Database, DB2, MySQL, and SQLite but in addition you can talk to any other local or remote SQL database that has an ODBC driver. The program also manages database connections and queries for the programmer has some built in error handling facilities.

There is also available an Object REXX wrapper for REXX/SQL called simply OREXX/SQL


  • REXX/SQL v2.5 (2006-10-15)
  • REXX/SQL v2.6 Beta 3 (2012-11-29) - Note that this version has built in support for OS/2 in the source code, however you will have to build the DLLs and the dependencies yourself with a few exceptions.



  • Open source software released under the LGPL v2.1.