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R0STUB.SYS is the ring-0 half of the sync-stream-manager (SSM) that allows MMPM/2 to synchronize audio and video. Allows AUDIOSH.DLL to talk to audio drivers vis IDC entrypoint. In the beginning, all the streaming took place at ring-0. Later (Warp 3?), the audio streaming was moved to ring-3. The API still had to be maintained to audio driver. R0STUB is small piece of code that takes FIFOs buffers to/from MMPM/2 ring-3 audio stream handler and delivers them from/to the hardware vendor audio device driver.


Date Version Size Comments
2001-07-26 13:59 14.075 7,252 bytes

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Platform Support:

OS/2 2.x OS/2 3.0 OS/2 4.0 OS/2 4.5x
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