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A version of QuickBASIC for DOS that is stripped of the compiler and linker but keeps the included IDE and is fully syntax compatible with QuickBASIC Version 4.5.


BASICA programs will not run with QBasic. In order to run a BASICA program with QBasic, a BASICA program has to be saved in ASCII mode. Some BASICA commands may also require changes. A new version of BASICA was shipped with IBM DOS Version 5.00. This one is compatible with previous versions of BASICA (from previous DOS versions).

Other software products incompatibilities
  • Qualitas BlueMAX Version 5.10 (requires utility from vendor to fix issue)


Microsoft QBASIC
  • 1991: Version 1.0 - replaced GW-BASIC in MS-DOS 5 as the free included Basic interpreter,
  • 1992: Version 1.1 - supplied with MS-DOS 6 and all versions of Windows NT. A stripped down version of 1.1 that lacks the editor and a full version of QBasic 1 are both included with all the shipped Windows 95 branch for some reason rather than a full version of 1.1.
  • 1991: Version 1.0 - IBM recompiled the code for their IBM DOS Version 5. This version of QBasic is faster than the Microsoft one and had a couple of bug fixes that are not present in Microsoft's version 1.0. It's included with IBM DOS versions 5.00/5.02 and with OS/2 2.0 and all later releases. QBasic (and also BASICA) was no longer shipped with PC DOS Version 6.1 which became available in November 1993.


Text & programmers editors with QBasic support

  • Boxer - QBasic syntax highlighting support built in - Commercial - DOS and OS/2 versions discontinued, Win32 version still sold.



  • ZP91-0432 (1991-06-11) - IBM DOS Version 5.00 and Upgrade
  • www.rubbermallet.org - A hub of programming info and libraries for programming in QBasic and QuickBasic 4.5