Q's and A's - Jun 1994

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This quarter, we answer some questions commonly asked about Workplace. For more details on Workplace, please read the articles by Scott Winters and Jeri Dube in Volumes 2 and 3 of The Developer Connection News that are on the accompanying CD-ROM.

What is Workplace?

Workplace is the IBM Microkernel-based architecture that delivers a multitude of different operating system products to satisfy specific market needs. The first traditional operating system product that Workplace will deliver is OS/2 for the PowerPC. Workplace incorporates a set of technologies that reduces complexity, improves usability, and enhances portability of applications and systems within today's complex computing environments. These technologies deliver a common look and feel to the user, common APIs to the developer, and allow a wide variety of systems to interoperate, transforming software innovation into industry advancement.

How does Workplace benefit the user?

Reduced Complexity - We can get more function from our systems at lower costs. Not only does this reduce the cost for those who are already committed to today's advanced systems, it also opens the door to these solutions for many others, previously excluded.

Improved Usability - Computers are no longer only for those who are willing to learn to interface with technology. OS/2 for PowerPC, through HUMAN-CENTERED technologies, allows people to interact with the system the way they interact with each other.

Enhanced Portability - Users can select the best applications to provide their solutions, independent of both hardware and operating system. The result is a total solution that is not compromised by requirements imposed by any single component.

How does Workplace benefit the software developer?

For the developer, this results in enlarged market opportunities and the ability to be more competitive by getting to market faster with more innovative product at lower cost.

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