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Better known as just PDPCLIB, this is a multi-platform public domain C runtime library which you can link your own C programs against to produce executables with no licensing restrictions. While it works with other compilers, it is more or less designed to replace the CLIB that is supplied with GCC, while PDPCLIB is not as extensive as the GCC CLIB it has no licensing restrictions whatsoever and can therefore be used for any sort of commercial development which would otherwise be restricted by the GPL license, especially important if you are using GCC versions governed by the GPL v3 that can severely restrict what you use them for and can in extreme cases claims ownership of code created with the compiler. In addition PDPCLIB supports a couple of operating system targets where GCC library support is non-existent, minimal or suspect.

In addition to OS/2 PDPCLIB works on DOS, MS Windows, PDOS and mainframe operating systems MVS and CMS, and should be easily portable to other systems.


  • Version 3.10 (2013-09-20)