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An ISO Pascal compatible development environment for 16 bit OS/2 v1.x, DOS and the Sinclair QL that included a compiler, linker, librarian, source level debugger and an IDE. The package sold from 1987 to 1998 by Prospero Software Ltd., and was supported until 2003. The PC variant of the toolkit was sold in two different versions, "Prospero Pascal Version iio" offered both DOS and OS/2 compatibility while "Prospero Pascal Version iid" only worked with DOS. In addition to the ISO standard the Prospero compiler supports some extensions and has a portable graphics library.

Note that the package was based on an earlier DOS version called Pro-Pascal that was also available for CP/M and a few other systems and the toolkit was replaced by Prospero's 32 bit Extended Pascal in the latter half of the 90's although both products were sold side by side for a few years. Pro-Pascal was notable for being the only validated ISO-Pascal available for PC's


  • 1982: ProPascal
  • 1985: ProPascal V 2.1 (for CP/M and DOS)
  • Last known version: 5.2

Optional libraries

  • The Prospero DOS Extender Kit v2.1 - Library that allowed the compiler to work with popular DOS extenders or DPMI. (Also Works with Prospero FORTRAN 77 v2.1)