Prominare Designer

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Prominare Designer
Name Prominare Designer
Version 5c (May 1998)
Vendor Prominare Inc.
Code F/X
Author Matt Smith
Licence Commercial

A 32-bit OS/2 user interface development tool originally released as a part of the Prominare Development System sold by Canadian company Stewart, Dufour and Gossage Ltd., but later sold and developed as a stand alone tool by Prominare.

Prominare Designer 5c.png
Prominare Designer 5c-2.png

Prominare Designer (PD) lets you design graphical applications and user interfaces for 16- and 32-bit OS/2, Windows NT and Windows 3.1, that includes menus, accelerators, strings, dialogues, custom resources and a help table. Once you have completed the visual design of your application Prominare Designer creates resource files and C/C++ source code for handling of those. PD also handles testing of individual windows or dialogues including interlinks, creation of MMPM/2 and Pen for OS/2 controls and importing of existing OS/2 and Windows 3.1 .RES files with automatic conversion of bitmaps, icons, and cursors to OS/2.


  • 1994: 2.1
  • Apr 1995: 4.0
  • Sep 1996: 5
  • Jan 1997: 5a
  • Feb 1998: 5b
  • May 1998: Release 5c