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PDC A/S is a Danish company with offices in Brøndby Copenhagen, originally incorporated in 1983. On one hand PDC makes development software in addition to offering custom programming solution and consultation in the fields of AI and expert systems, and on the other makes specialised software solutions for time management and scheduling for large organisations such as airlines, hospitals and airports.

The company started its consulting business in 1987, initially to help customers that wanted to use their Turbo Prolog development system in real world situations but found real experience hard to come by. It has by now become much bigger than the original development software side of the company and it is estimated that no less that 20% of the worlds air traffic is planned with systems delivered by PDC and developed using Visual Prolog.


  • PDC Prolog
  • Visual Prolog - Prolog RAD - Discontinued on OS/2 but still being developed on Windows.
  • UniCOMAL - Comal development system, still supported via third party