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How Does Professional Certification Benefit a Business?

As corporations downsize, the need for skilled technical and developer professionals is skyrocketing. Businesses want to be assured that the professionals they hire have the necessary skills to support their software and hardware. The solution to this problem is professional certification.

The Professional Certification Program from IBM provides the most comprehensive certification program in the industry. This program ensures that technical and developer professionals have current knowledge and skills by passing a test or series of tests. These tests require you to answer questions associated with important tasks relevant to your job.

The number of individuals certified from IBM has grown by more than 150 percent this past year with more than 30 software and hardware certification roles available today. By the end of 1996, the number of roles will almost double. This growth is an important indicator of businesses realizing the benefit of the Professional Certification Program from IBM Certification roles are specifically designed for developers of:

  • OS/2 Warp
  • DB2 Application
  • VisualAge for Smalltalk
  • VisualAge for C++ Object-Oriented
  • VisualAge for COBOL Object-Oriented

Join the growing ranks of the certified professionals in the Professional Certification Program from IBM. For more information follow one of these routes:

  • Look us up on the Web
  • Call Sylvan Prometric and ask for the Professional Certification Program from IBM catalog titled Roadmap to Success. Call 1-800-959-EXAM in the U.S., or see the Worldwide Phone Number Listing at the World Wide Web URL listed above.
  • Access Fax (call from a fax phone)
    U.S. 1-800-IBM-4FAX
    Canada 1-800-465-3299

Select option 1, then 2, and then 6 for the catalog Services/Education/Certification

Outside the US and Canada 1-415-855-4329

Select option 3 and then 7 for the certification section in the education list

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