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Canadian gent, early developer of OS/2 software during the 16 bit era, was later a part of the "Win32-OS/2 Team" that is now known as Odin. He ran the A:WARE Inc OS/2 consulting business as well.


  • 2Q
  • Inf2Qh - Convert IBM OS/2 *.INF files to Microsoft Quickhelp files
  • LH/2 - Compression program
  • Maximus-CBCS - BBS System.
  • Small examples of Workplace Shell programming - What it says on the tin.
  • MouseSpeed
  • SUBST - [1]
  • TSearch (Text Search)
  • Hook code to circumvent built-in methods of OS/2 - NEWCALLS.DLL [2]

Some of his code also appears as part of the following collection:


  • Writing Multiqueue PM Programs - The IdleNews, No.1, Jul 1991