Personal Systems Magazine September & October 1994

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  • "Sneaker Net" or Systems Management?
  • Like Father Like Son
  • The Book Shelf
  • Cajun Electric Cooks Up OS/2 GUI with VisPro/REXX!
  • Application Development by Program Integration
  • IBM REXX for NetWare
  • GammaTech REXX SuperSet/2-Give Your REXX Programs the Power of C
  • BranchCard: A Viable Option to Stand Alone Hubs
  • A Hands-On Primer for REXX
  • Visual REXX Development Environments
  • CID Installation of OS/2 2.11 and LAPS
  • Upgrading from Microsoft LAN Manager to IBM LAN Server 3.0
  • Stretching Your LAN with LAN Distance
  • DB2/2-More Than Ever Before!
  • NetBIOS, SNA, and NetWare IPX Coexistance Under OS/2