Personal Systems Magazine September/October 1995

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  • Betty Hawkins: From the Editor - Is Hype Hip?
  • What's New for OS/2?
  • Mesa 2 for OS/2
  • Manage Your Files with FileStar/2 for OS/2
  • Steven P. Schneer: PartitionMagic for OS/2
  • Managing LAN Server Home Directories
  • Steven P. Schneer: IBM DualStor for OS/2
  • Ed Hilpert: Human-Computer Interaction Overview
  • User Interface 2000
  • IBM's Strategy for OS/2 Platform Products Fix Support
  • Van Landrum: Road Trip! Back to School
  • TalkLink Gets a Facelift
  • Ralph M. Pipitone: OpenDoc and Human-Computer Interaction
  • Supporting HCI Technologies in Applications
  • An Introduction to Speech Recognition with OS/2
  • Intelligent Agents: A Primer
  • CID Installation of OS/2 and Its Platform Applications
  • Creating Your Own INF Hyperlinked Files
  • Erik Mintz: Remote Installation of OS/2 Warp Connect
  • Corrective Service Information