Personal Systems Magazine November & December 1994

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  • Evolution, Not Revolution-Pen Computing Comes of Age
  • Handwriting Recognition: The State of the Art
  • Pen Digitizing Hardware
  • It's HaPENing!
  • Bill Carr: Fastest Draw in the West
  • Work Management in the Field
  • Communication Without Wires: IBM's Mobile Communications Module
  • Tomorrow's Networking Today-From IBM's Personal Systems Competency Center
  • Customers Speak Out About Consult Line
  • New DeScribe 5.0-Leader of the Pack
  • Super-Fast PenDOS
  • Pen for OS/2
  • A Development Environment for Pen-Centric Applications
  • Writing DOS Installation Programs for Selective Boot Systems
  • OS/2 for PowerPC: Transforming Archecture into Implementation