Personal Systems Magazine March/April 1995

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  • Betty Hawkins: From the Editor - Cruisin' on the Internet
  • What's New for OS/2?
  • Mesa 2: Gaining the Competitive Edge with OS/2
  • Managing the Workplace Shell with DeskMan/2
  • Todd Watson: Circus du COMDEX: The Running of the Geeks
  • Van Landrum: Road Trip! Touring the Side Roads of the Internet
  • Kay Lee, Nestor Miranda: What's New in PC DOS 7
  • OS/2 Warp Boot and Recovery Options
  • Multimedia File I/O Services
  • TCP/IP: How it Works
  • Philip Lieberman: A Guide to OS/2 Warp's Internet Access Kit
  • CID Installation of OS/2 Warp and LAPS
  • Wrapping Up an OO Experience
  • OS/2 Tips and Techniques
  • Corrective Service Information