Personal Systems Magazine July & Aug 1994

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  • IBM's Personal Systems Support Family-Customer-Influenced Design
  • OS/2 Times and Scores the 1994 Indianapolis 500
  • Software compatability: Good Relationship or One Night Stand?
  • Migrating Windows Applications to OS/2: Easing the Migration Path
  • OS/2 Conference Draws Praise
  • DCE: An Application Primer
  • Distributed Performance Characteristics of IBM DCE for OS/2
  • Architecture Soup: Understanding Modern IBM PC Architecture
  • TSHELL: A Text-Based Alternate Shell for OS/2
  • Extended Attributes for Files
  • Developing Lotus Notes Applications
  • Conserving Power with Personal Systems Power Management
  • Superstor/DS Data Compression in PC DOS 6.x
  • LAN Net/View Object Registration Services