Personal Systems Magazine July/August 1995

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  • Betty Hawkins: From the Editor - Authors - Our Greatest Resource
  • What's New for OS/2?
  • Todd Watson: The Soap Box Derby
  • Easily Load and Lock Desktops
  • Van Landrum: Road Trip! Cruisin' to the Olympics
  • Nancy Miller: DB2 for OS/2 V2.1: The Next Generation
  • OS/2 Victories from the Data Management Front Lines
  • Voting Kiosks: The Future of Electronic Elections
  • Performance Enhancements in DB2 for OS/2 V2.1
  • DB2 for OS/2 Administrative Tools
  • Chris Fierros: Database Recovery with DB2 for OS/2
  • Rick Weaver: Getting Object-Oriented with DB2 for OS/2 V2.1
  • Enhanced SQL in DB2 for OS/2 V2.1
  • Enterprisewide Connectivity Using DB2
  • Visualizer Development
  • Performance: DCE RPC as a DB2 for OS/2 and DB2 for AIX Transport
  • Remote Program Load of OS/2 Warp from NetWare 3.12
  • Questions and Answers
  • Corrective Service Information