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A version of REXX originally introduced by Mansfield Software in 1985 as a part of their KEDIT software package for DOS, but to make it fully compatible with more recent versions of the IBM editors a REXX interpreter was needed.


The company then made a standalone version of it available under the "Personal REXX" name and in 1988 delivered an OS/2 version of it. Marketing was moved to a company called Quercus Systems in the spring of 1991 and Mansfield renamed their version KEXX. Quercus Systems was already selling Personal REXX in a bundle with their terminal emulator/communications software package REXXterm.

Despite the inclusion of a free version of REXX in IBM OS/2 Version 2.0 and up, Quercus ported their version to 32-bit OS/2 and sold it as a kind of a "turbo REXX" with more features and speed, but fully compatible with the standard version. The company later ported the system to Microsoft Windows.


  • Personal REXX for DOS
    • Version 1.5 (1986)
    • Version 2.0 (1988)
    • Version 3.0
  • Personal REXX for Windows 3.x/95
    • Version 3.0
    • Version 3.5 (Dec 1995)
  • Personal REXX for Windows NT


  • Commercial software

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