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A freeware DOS programmer's text editor developed between 1995 and 1999 by a now defunct shareware company called Goldshell Digital Media and initially shipped as a utility with some of their shareware packages, its full name is actually Program Editor but because of the generic nature of the name it is always known as just Pedit. It was designed to emulate the look and feel of the QBasic versions of the MS-DOS editor (aka MS-EDIT) while adding features and MS Windows integration.


One of the features that appears to enamour users to this old piece of DOS code is the word processor like functions that are often missing from programmers editors especially the smaller ones, these include better printing and formatting features, the inclusion of a US English spell checker and thesaurus. In fact with version 4 the editor gained a "word processor" mode and is able to spell check RTF and HTML formatted documents in addition to better integration with the Windows print system and a "Lite" version of the program that is stripped of all WP like features and printing capabilities.

The program also has some nifty MS Windows integration features but they appear to all expect Windows 95 or later and mostly do not work correctly un WinOS/2. Pedit also lacks all language parsing features such as syntax highlighting but does have the rather unusual ability to encrypt text files, although only with 112 bit depth.


  • Last known version: 4.0 (1999) - Downloadable from the archive page liked to below.

Macro support

  • No Macro language but simply an editable keyboard recording macro function.
  • REXX is not supported.



  • Goldshell Digital Media