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A native OS/2 Presentation Manager port of Tcl/Tk 8.x by Illya Vaes. Tcl is the Tool Command Language and Tk is the windowing ToolKit for / of Tcl. Originally designed as a macro- and initialization-file language for people's applications, the example applications tclsh (Tcl Shell) and wish (Windowing Shell, Tk) are nowadays most often used to run complete, portable script-applications. Tcl/Tk is officially supported on Unix and the X Window System, Apple Macintosh and MS Windows; user-contributed ports exist for eg. VMS and, of course, OS/2.


"One more bug (sigh...) in the VisPro Rexx installer (SET TCL_LIBRARY instead of SET TK_LIBRARY) fixed, thanks to Christian again. Fixed installer is in"
  • 8.3.5 - 17 October 2003:
Three cock-ups in the VisPro Rexx installer (included in the executables archive) were found and reported by Christian Henneckei (thanks): the entry field for the installation destination was unusable, the tcl part of the TCL_LIBRARY etc. variables were being hardcoded to 8.0 (dumb!) and a changed installation destination was being ignored. These problems are fixed in the installer that's in
  • Tcl/Tk 8.3.5 - 4 October 2003:
Beta 1 of Tcl/Tk 8.3.5, binaries and sources. No DDE. See file 'pr.txt' (Problem Reports) in source archive or at pr835b1.txt for known problems.
  • Version 8.0.5 - 8 September 2001:
"I've decided to release 8.0.5 as is (with some minute fixes) and put the spare time I have into making a version 8.3.5 instead. That means there are still some known issues in it, as can be seen in the included file pr.txt (Problem Reports)."



Open Source - Customized license.


  • Active State (Current maintainer)
  • Illya Vaes (OS/2 Port)