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PMprintf is a tool that lets you output control messages etc. from PM programs and as such used for debugging purposes. Originally written by Mike Cowlishaw and released as IBM EWS ("Employee Written Software"), later Dennis Bareis took over the development of the software and released an improved version. The current version was released by Andreas Buchinger in March 2009.

The program to be debugged writes output to a new function pmprintf() that is used much like the standard printf() function, but sends its output to a pipe. The PMprintf program reads that pipe, displays the messages and/or logs them to a disk file.

If using the IBM Open Class Library you can also use the ITRACE... macros defined there to generate output that can be caught and handled by PMprintf.


  • Latest Version for OS/2, eCS, ArcaOS: 2.59 (2018-03-18)