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A Modula-2 library for OS/2 and DOS that that contains high level operating sub-system and low level routines and came with full source code. The library in its later versions had a high degree of compatibility between OS/2 and DOS functions, where appropriate, and simplified the creation of code that targeted both systems.

According to the company blurb the "Subsystems include screen design/display system, indexed file system, window-oriented text editor, list handling system, and natural language expression evaluators. Low-level routines provide extensive access to DOS, BIOS, keyboard and screen. The DBMS supports variable-length keyed records, with record insertion, deletion, garbage collection, damaged file recovery, and named and nested fields. The screen system provides virtual scrolling windows; multiple menu styles; and named multi-line fields with word wrapping"


  • Latest version: 1.6


  • Commercial - Discontinued - Original list price was USD 149.