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An implementation of Simula developed at the "Høgskolen i Buskerud" in Norway (Buskerud University) in the late 80's initially for DOS and 16-bit OS/2, with versions for SCO UNIX coming later. Conforms to Simula 86, which is basically the same standard as Simula 87, the current standard and includes a source level debugger. The DOS version sold quite bit in Norway as an educational tool and as the OS/2 version was maintained for a few years it must have seen some use, but it made no dent in the international marketplace with most people being unaware of its existence.

One of the reason for the complete lack of interest in the tool was the almost absurd price of PC Simula for OS/2, but the Student version retailed for over 1500 USD (12,000 NOK) in 1996 and the normal version for over 4500 USD, the DOS student version at the same time was around 200 USD (1500 NOK) and the OS/2 version offered almost no benefits over the DOS version with objects only being allowed 32k each. These prices were lower than they had been at introduction and they did not include the required classes for native programming, they were optional extras. PM programming was not supported.

The DOS version is now available from the Simula hompage as a free download but that is minus any documentation and the OS/2 and SCO Unix versions are missing in action.

Class libraries

  • OsEnv
  • Terminal
  • Drawing
  • tWindows (Text windows)

These optional libs were sold for NOK 500. each, or NOK 1,000 for the complete package. Later a Simulation library called:

  • Simlib

Was added and the price for the complete class library package was upped to NOK 1500.


  • Last OS/2 version: 108.3.3
  • Last DOS version: 109.4.8
  • last SCO Unix version: 108.0.0


  • SIMULA a.s.



  • Commercial - Discontinued