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This filter driver makes a FAT32 partition visible to OS/2. It can also be used to make instead the ext2flt.flt driver to make an ext2 Partition visible to OS/2.



  • /Q - Disable the messages shown at boot up.
  • /V - Displays some diagnostic information during the boot.
  • /W - This allows write access to the FAT32 partitions.
  • /A - Virtualize all found partitions. If you use this option, you must also specify the /M option, otherwise OS/2 may crash. The only good reason to use this option is along with the /M option to control the mounting order of all partitions.
  • /M mount-order - Mounts the partitions in the order specified in the mount-order. The mount-order is a list of numbers separated by commas. To find out which number a partition has, use the program Diskinfo. Type in the partition numbers in the order you like. If you want to hide a partition than you must simply remove the partition number from the mount-order.
  • /P partition types - This option sets the partition types which should be virtualized. Please do not use any partion types already supported by OS/2! Here are the partition types:
  • 01 FAT12 (supported by OS/2)
  • 02 XENIX_1
  • 03 XENIX_2
  • 04 FAT16 (supported by OS/2)
  • 06 HUGE (supported by OS/2)
  • 07 IFS (supported by OS/2)
  • 0B FAT32
  • 0C FAT32_XINT13 or FAT32X
  • 0E XINT13
  • 41 PREP
  • 63 UNIX
  • 83 LINUX

To make Partfilt.flt virtualize a FAT32 partition you should use /P 0B. To make Partfilt.flt virtualize a FAT32 and a Linux partition you should use /P 0B,83.

The best location in the config.sys seems to differ depending on your configuration. Some state FAT32.IFS will only work is PARTFILT is the first basedev, other claim it only works if PARTFILT is the last one. A specific problem was reported when using a SCSI powersave basedev that only seemed to work if PARTFILT was the last basedev.
Product Support
OS/2 1.3
OS/2 2.0 S
OS/2 2.1 S
OS/2 2.11 SMP S
OS/2 Warp 3 S
OS/2 Warp Connect S
OS/2 Warp 4 S
OS/2 Warp Server for e-Business S