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Freeware Java IDE and development system for Java, XML and Oracle database systems and technologies. Originally based on technology licensed from Borland (Borland JBuilder) but has grown immensely since then and by now dwarfs the original Borland system with compressed downloads being as big as 2 gigabytes.

Note that the company provides the system in two different versions, the Studio Edition that includes support for Java SE, XML, J2EE, ADF, UML and database development feature and a much smaller and faster version called Java Edition that only supports Java SE and XML development, you are in most cases better off with the Java Edition.


  • Last version that runs on eComStation: JDeveloper 11g v11. - May 2013
  • Current version: JDeveloper 12C v12. - June 2014 - Requires Java SE 7 or higher, explicitly supports Java 8.
Java SDK version 6



  • Closed source freeware