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This page lists the open source projects available for OS/2, see also Category:Open Source Software.


Name Type License Requirements Comments
BT32.SYS TV Watcom 11.0C, IBM's DDK and LXAPI32 sources to build this driver. BT8X8 driver for TV-Cards. Source
ext2 File System GNU GPL V2 32bit Linux ext2 file system driver (IFS) for OS/2. Source
FAT32 File System GNU LGPL FAT32 is a filesystem driver for the well known FAT32-filesystem which is often used on Windows 9X partitions.
ISOFS File System GNU GPL V2 EMX ISOFS is an installable file system for OS/2 to access ISO rawfiles suitable for burning on CD. Source & Binaries
LXAPI32 Dev Watcom 11.0C and IBM's DDK to build this driver. LXAPI32.SYS provides a small Linux API to other device drivers. With this helper driver it is relative easy to port other Linux drivers to OS/2. LXAPI contains. Source
MWDD32 Dev GNU GPL V2 mwdd32 is a package that allows the implementation of 32 bits OS/2 device drivers (BASEDEV and DEVICE) as well as 32 bits Installable File Systems (IFS).
MultiMac Network GNU GPL V2 Network driver for NVETH, Intel E1000E, RealTek R8110, R8169 and IWL.
OpenJFS File System GNU GPL V2 IBM C/C++ Compiler and Tools V 3.6.5, Microsoft C V 6.0a, OS/2 Developers Toolkit v4.5 JFS (Journal File System) IFS driver for OS/2.
Rodent Mouse Public Domain Support for several mouse models.
SoundCard Device Driver (SoundBlaster) Audio GNU GPL Support for Sound Blaster audio cards.
VirtualBox Shared Folders Driver This driver is part of the OS/2 additions for VirtualBox.
UniAud Audio GNU GPL Based on ALSA core.
WatcomIFS FileSystem Not Specified Sample Source for building an IFS driver using Open Watcom.
Wacom Bamboo digitizer tablet Mouse / Input Device Not Specified Device driver for Wacom Bamboo digitizer tablet.
xATA / Danis506 Storage GNU LGPL Hard Drive storage driver.