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Later open sourced as "Open Object REXX" but that release was not ported to OS/2.


On October 12, 2004, IBM released the Microsoft Windows, AIX, Solaris and Linux versions of Object REXX as open source software, handing the copyrights and responsibility of future development to the REXX Language Association (REXX LA). To differentiate their offerings from the commercial releases from IBM, REXX LA renamed the package Open Object REXX (or ooREXX), the source code release only consisted of the Object REXX code as it stood at the time and only contained parts of the SOM integration and none of the OS/2 specific features although OS/2 specific structures and data types still existed.

REXX LA has since dropped support for Solaris, AIX and Mac OSX and only updates the Windows and Linux versions, a port back to OS/2 is very unlikely since in 2007 the maintainers started removing all remaining OS/2 specific code from the codebase.


The open source version is released under the Common Public License Version 1.0


You can download portions of this book here