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OpenZinc is an open source, multi-platform C++ application & UI framework and widget library. It is based on older versions of the Zinc Application Framework, a MOTIF inspired commercial product from the "Professional Software Associates" company, but ZAF started out life as an UI framework that simplified the building of multi-platform applications and as such supported a wide range of operating systems including DOS, Windows (16 & 32 bit), OS/2, NeXTStep, HP-UX, DESQview, QNX, SunOS, AIX, SCO Unix and more.

With the release of version 5 developer PSA decided to realign their product towards the embedded market and dropped most of the support targets leaving only VxWorks and DOS as supported embedded platforms and with a more limited desktop support for Microsoft Windows and Unix like OS's that feature MOTIF library support. However the company allowed the OpenZinc project to release the Zinc Application Frameworks versions 1.0 through 4.2 as open source software and the project attempts to update and maintain the library for all originally supported platforms.

Supported Compilers




  • Zinc Software (Original Author)
  • Windriver
  • Professional Software Associates
  • The OpenZinc Project (Current maintainer)