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Reprint Courtesy of International Business Machines Corporation, © International Business Machines Corporation

Component Integration Labs. Formed by a consortium of industry leaders including IBM, Apple, WordPerfect, Novell, Oracle, Xerox, and Taligent to standardize the OpenDoc, Bento, SOM, and OSA technologies and license them to the rest of the industry. You can contact CILabs at (415) 750-8352.
Event Manager
The OSA component responsible for accepting OSAEvents and delivering them to the target (another document, part, program, and so forth).
An application that is divided between the user interface portion and the main engine. Communication between the two is achieved through the use of OSAEvents.
macro language
An application specific language, often ad hoc, that allows some level of automation and programmability to the user of the application.
object specifiers
A token, or set of tokens, that describes the object on which a semantic event operates. For example, "the third word of the second line of paragraph two in document three."
  1. The set of standard technologies for creating compound documents, building storage containing multiple data types, object creation and control, and scripting.
  2. The compound document technology developed by Apple and donated to CILabs as part of the OpenDoc set.
OSAEvent Standard Suites
A registry of semantic events and the objects on which they can act. These events are divided into suites covering various application types. CILabs owns the registry and is responsible for maintaining and distributing it as a standard.
The set of semantic events described in the OSAEvent Standard Suites. A direct descendent of Apple events.
Open Scripting Architecture. The standard that defines how semantic events are defined, generated, delivered, and executed between cooperating parts of documents and applications. OSA defines an interface that allows scripting components to be attached to documents and parts, then executed by the user.
Object Services Library. The OSA component that builds and decodes object specifiers for use in OSAEvents.
Programmatic units written by OpenDoc developers that can be assembled, at will, by the user to create unique OpenDoc solutions.
A set of commands that can be used to automate a program. In OSA, script components are pluggable and generate OSAEvents.
semantic events
An event that expresses the intent of the user; a command.
UI events
An event that describes an action by the user.