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A Presentation Manager class library for C++ originally released for use with OS/2 1.3 in 1990 but updated up until the late 90's and while primarily focused on UI and graphics it over time gain support for non GUI elements such as file handling, threads, semaphores and pen computing. ObjectPM was shipped as a forms system application, two redistributable DLL files plus an export library, header files, online documentation and sample programs, you could also purchase the source code to the library as an optional extra.

The ObjectPM forms system allows you to create PM dialogs by filling out and manipulating forms, complete with field and form level validation, field entry and exit functions, masked entry fields and so on, so forth.


  • ObjectPM 1.0 (1990)
Supports OS/2 1.3
  • ObjectPM 2.1c
Last known version, supports Borland C++ 2.0 or higher, IBM VisualAge C++ and MetaWare High C/C++


Licence and availability

  • Discontinued commercial software, ObjectPM retailed for US$235 for the library only, you could also buy the source code on top of that for USD 750.