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Oberon is a structured object oriented and procedural language in the Algol family that was introduced by Niklaus Wirth in 1988 alongside an operating system with the same name.

It was based on his earlier Modula 2 language but adds limited object-orientation but at the same time removes a lot of the M2 Language features in order to simplify the language and compiler.

There are descendant languages that some classify as Oberon and others as members of the Oberon family, we include the few implementations that actually run under OS/2 in some form here just to simplify things, it is not a taxidermy issue.

Oberon/0 is a simplified version of the language intended to be used in teaching compiler construction, it is therefore as much a descendant of PL/0 (simplified Pascal) as of Oberon proper and you are not meant to download a copy, but rather make one yourself.

Oberon07 is simply a name for the latest version of the Oberon standard and does not differ too much from the original, the last update to the Oberon 07 standard was in the summer of 2014.


OS/2 implementations

Editor support

DOS implementations

Win-OS/2 Implementations

  • BlackBox Oberon - Current Oberon Core version does not work, older versions however do work with Win32s installed.
  • Programmers Open Workbench - Aka POW!/16 - Open source - Discontinued



  • OberonScript - Can be run inside a web browser or by using the JavaScript Desktop Enabler.
  • Microsoft Oberon Script - Older version of the above, code appears to have gone missing.




  • The MODulator - Modula-2 and Oberon articles from the gents behind the ModulaWare company in Switzerland, used to be a paper newsletter back in the day.
  • Oberon2.ru - Massive Russian site dedicated to all things Wirthian, forum in particular strong.
  • Pascal for small machines - Pascal and Oberon related blog