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A collection of public domain software and routines supplied in C source code form. The collection is anything from simple routines intended to be used as components in your own software, through demos of OS functions and small utility programs. Most of the software originates from OS/2 and DOS and should compile correctly on OS/2 without any changes, but included are also a few programs from MS Windows, Amiga and MVS that may require a little bit of massaging to work or are not suitable for a port (demos of how to use specific Microsoft Windows functions for instance).


  • Latest version: 0907 (the software uses a date versioning system so the last collection is from July 2009)




  • Paul Edwards
  • Andrew Clarke
  • Paul Markham
  • Sreenath Chary
  • Peter Fitzsimmons
  • David Galbraith
  • Joshua Marshall
  • Rowan Crowe
  • Nhan Tran
  • Xie Yi Zhong
  • Andreas Bormann
  • Robert Mashlan
  • Frank Adam
  • Haruyasu Yoshizaki (aka Yoshi)
  • Jason Winter
  • Colin Plumb
  • Craig Delahoy
  • Roy McNeill
  • Joshua Marshall