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Class definition file

Class hierarchy SOMObject

  • WPObject
    • WPAbstract
      • WPLaunchPad
        • SmartCenter

Instance methods

  • QueryEnableState
  • SetEnabledState
  • wcPosition
  • wcSetPosition
  • wclsEnabled
  • wcEnable
  • wcAlwaysOnTop

Setup strings for WarpCenter objects

The new WarpCenter in Warp 4 supports the following setup strings:

Class SmartCenter
Key Name Value Description
ADDOBJECT object Specifies an object to be added to the current tray. object is the persistent handle of the object.
ADDTOTRAY traynumber, object[,...] Specifies one or more objects to be added to a tray.
ADDTRAY trayname[,object[,...]] Specifies the name of a new tray to be added. A list of object handles may optionally be added to the new tray.
SAVENOW YES Specifies that the WarpCenter should save its configuration (now).

Note: There is no NO value for this keyword.